Classical Piano Course (ABRSM Beginner, Grade 1 - Piano Diploma)

Course Description

This piano course will instill superior piano playing techniques, skills, and a sound understanding of music right from the beginning. Throughout this amazing course, students will be encouraged to explore the many elements of music like: pitch, dynamics, intonation and aural.

Students will also be exposed to events where they can experience the thrill of performing in groups (ensemble) or solo in front of real audiences. There is nothing quite like the feeling of performing for a crowd. The feedback received from these experiences is an integral part of developing live performance skills.

Students will also learn to appreciate different genres of music from composers from around the world including: baroque, classical, romantic and modern music styles. Early exposure to a wide range of music will enable them to more easily emulate particular styles, feels and tones in music, which is the first step in mastery of technique and development of personal style.

Course Details (Individual)

Individual Course Duration: Grade 1 to Grade 8 (dependent upon individual student’s proficiency level and pace.)
Individual Lesson Duration: ne 30 minute lesson (recommended 1 lesson per week)