Jazz Guitar Course

Course Description

This beginner’s course in jazz guitar will make your heart sing with every strum. You will learn the fundamental techniques and terms that created some of the greatest songs in modern music. Learn comprehensive rhythm styles and concepts for improvisation using great jazz licks. From chords to scales and modes, nothing about jazz guitar will be a mystery to you anymore.

One of the basic building blocks in jazz is improvising so we will help you explore some techniques to bring your inner song to the outer world for all to hear. By the end of the course you will be playing with backup tracks like you were part of a live jazz band!

Course Details (Individual)

Individual Course Duration: 9 months
Individual Lesson Duration: one 30 minute lesson (recommended 1 lesson per week)
Group Course Duration: 9 months
Group Lesson Duration: 1 hour lesson (recommended 1 lesson per week)