Jazz Piano Course

Course Description

Jazz Piano takes you deep inside the heart of music, where passion and emotion can be heard with every stroke of the keys. Learn advanced styles like Latin, Samba and Funky Rock.

This advanced piano course explores: advanced rhythms, voice leading, improvisation, modes & scales, relationship of chords to scales, and transpositions, and will also help you master 432 chords with advanced fingering techniques. You will feel the true meaning of the music as vocal and instrumental accompaniments offer you complete immersion into the experience.

*Curriculum outline can be adjusted to suit individual student’s proficiency level and pace.

**Students are given the arena to perform ensemble or solo in events organized by the school or the opportunity
to perform external events.

Course Details (Individual)

Individual Course Duration: 1 to 2 years (length depends upon individual student’s proficiency level and pace.)
Individual Lesson Duration: 1 hour lesson (recommended 1 lesson per week)